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Provide quality internet applications and networking services. The internet has evolved over the past twenty years from an informative resource to a place where businesses become empires. Companies are moving from local servers and systems to an online cloud where their business applications are securely accessible from anywhere. My goal is to eliminate that gap by educating and providing immediate and long term solutions.

About Dave Kimura

I have been developing software since I was 12 years old. Starting with Pascal and QBasic. Soon moved to C++ at 13 and on to Visual Basic at 15. At 16 years old, I learned to expand my software to dynamic database driven programs to make use of customization, organization and productivity. At 20 years old, I began website development. Starting with the HTML Basics, I soon got bored and moved on to dynamic software development. I hit a roadblock where I was split between Microsoft IIS/ASP and Linux Apache/PHP so I went with both. ASP was an obvious route since it was the language many clients preferred as well, but my desire for PHP continued. I began learning Linux servers and MySQL database administration. By this time, resources on the internet were abundant and increased the speed of learning and problem solving. At 29, I decided to leave ASP and PHP behind to venture onto a new language; Ruby on Rails. It seems like a lot of the languages from my past are present in this language and its concept was completely foreign to what I had previously experienced.



Rotor (Ruby Motor) is a toy gem that I used for controlling Unipolor and Bipolar stepper motors. It supports basic funtionality to interpret GCode and translate it into real movements. This open sourced product is available on Github at https://github.com/kobaltz/rotor

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Fūtō, Japanese for envelope, is an easy to use and online budgeting tool. You can track your incomes, debts, bills, and envelopes. Using helpful tools like the calendar and debt interest calculator, never miss another payment and know how much interest you are paying in per month. Start living within your means today!

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Easy to implement multi-factor authentication. Secure your applications by adding a second level of authentication. Once enabled, a user will be prompted to retrieve an authentication code sent to the email address registered. They type in their authenticate code received and the server will post back if their code matches.

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Pronounced 'clam-bee', allows users to scan files uploaded with Paperclip or Carrierwave. If a file has a virus, then you can delete this file and discard it without causing harm to other users.

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Convert Time Online

Convert Time Online will accept a variety of the most popular time tracking exports. With these exports from your current time tracking software, you can upload the file to Convert Time Online. This will allow you to create conversions for department, payroll codes, employee id numbers, labor allocations, and more to generate a new file that can be uploaded to your payroll software.

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EasyBCC gives a custom email address that can be used with either a group collaboration type or mailing list type.

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Zentree is a professional targeted software that will allow remote employees full access to files, conversations, client lists, and more.

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Community Involvement


As a passtime, I enjoy helping the community of users on StackExchange sites with their computer and programming issues. I have built a reputation within their community as a contributer.

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